Tuesday, February 28, 2012

UPDATE 02/12/12: Still on! Frederic Malle Trios Vetiver Extraordinare, Noir Epices, ???

UPDATE 02/28/12:  I haven't forgotten about these, so if you're still interested let me know.  I do prefer to do at least 2 at a time budget permitting...maybe we can get them filled by the time the next Barney's event rolls around (I think I know their schedule by now!). Or sooner is fine.  

Cost will be the retail @ Barney's + 8.75% CA sales tax (boo!). Again these are the sets of 3 x 10 ml atomizers so the price per ml is a little higher than if splitting a whole bottle and goodness knows I would love to make use of the big stash of supplies I ordered but this way we can indulge in more choices without having to fill 100 ml bottles of each one =)