This blog exists for the purposes of organizing group purchases of perfume. And talking about what perfumes should be split next.   I have been "splitting" (host and participant) on other platforms for about a year. 

I'll be adding a section describing what a split entails.  But for now, very simply, to "split" a bottle describes the process of divvying up a bottle into smaller shares by removing the perfume from the original bottle and placing it into smaller bottles.  The participants are sharing the (contents of the) bottle and also the cost, as opposed to decants which traditionally priced subject to market forces (trying to avoid using the word profit since it seems to be such a bad word ;-).  It is essentially a more cost-efficient way to obtain perfume when you want more than the average decant but less than a full bottle.  

I have mostly split bottles of Amouage, Serge Lutens, Guerlain, and some other goodies that caught my eye.  I've posted pictures of some of the bottles I've split.  Right now I'm focusing on expanding my collection in 3 areas (but I'm always tempted):

--  Specific brands:  Serge Lutens, Guerlain, Dior (especially those elusive exclusives), Montale Paris, Amouage and I'm sure this list will get longer.

--  4 & 5 Star reviewed fragrances according to Perfmes the Guide that can be found at the discounters.

-- The stuff being blogged about.  Whenever I read a review I see in the comment everyone wants to get their hands on a sample (espcially if its a favourable review) and so I hope, maybe, with more participation especially, this blog could eventually become a destination to meet that need in a timely manner.

If you have a split you would like to host or is being hosted elsewhere and you're trying to fill still, please get in touch with me!