Thursday, April 28, 2011

Splitting: Christian Dior MITZAH - SHIPPED

Noteworthy reviews: 
Octavian at 1000fragrances describes as "...the quintessence of amber. It's sweet, warm, animalic and devastating like the odor of the panther muse that (still) haunts the avenue Montaigne house. It's barbarian, but extremely civilized, preciously heavy but airy like a silk lingerie. It's feline and Fellinian."  Click here to read his full review of Mitzah.

More reviews can be found at Fragrantica.

04/25/11:  TC & EMC your portions shipped last week.  Last week was a busy week for me so the larger portions been taking longer.  SL yours is decanted, since its international it is just taking longer to package up as I'm extra careful with overseas stuff.  AL yours is half decanted, as requested I'm changing the bottles.  Once the original bottle is emptied out I'm going to set about figuring out how to get that atomizer off (us US folks didn't get the flacons, not even the 250 ml bottles, just sprays!) cuz that's what I'm going to do with the next bottle! 

4/5/11: Just ordered, should have it in a week :)

4/4/11:  Have received almost all payments. 

3/28/11:  I've sent an email to everyone with the amounts due.

UPDATE 03/27/11:  CLOSED!
04/28/11:  umm, yeah trying to disassemble the atomizer worked out great (insert sarcasm), good thing I did that after I got all the contents out!  Was hoping if I practiced on this empty bottle that I could do it for the next bottle which would make it more efficient and easier on my sprayer hands/fingers.  I think I need more practice. 

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