Wednesday, July 20, 2011

UPDATED 8/1/11 Coming up! Amouage Honour, Serge Lutens Chergui, by Kilian Sweet Redemption, Dior Miss Dior Cherie (pre-20111 reform)

Update 08/1/11:  Leave a comment or email if interested in anything, I'll start separate posts for each one eventually.  Not all at once, 1-2 closing within a month if probably all I can afford myself :)

HONOUR (Woman/Man) (Amouage) - added 07/23/11. Latest EDP release, I will host Woman first, I'm making 50 ml available right now and then possibly more, let me know your min-max and I'll adjust if I need to.  More than 15 ml will likely require 2 bottles as this is a spray, and not the most user friendly I prefer to decant no more than 10 ml at a time.  Correction 8/1/11: price per ml is lower than I thought, ~$2.28/ml.

COLOGNE BLANCHE (Christian Dior)
Rare and HTF from the original 2004 Dior Homme collection, Perfume The A-Z Guide gave it 4 stars and then Dior went and discontinued it :-(  Found couple 250 ml bottle.  The one in the U.S. has ~55% remaining so at least 125 ml.  Its $200.  Interested? There's another one but its overseas so would take a little longer to arrive. Will do 5, 10 and possibly 15 ml portions of this.  I'd like to keep 30-40 ml myself.

EAU NOIRE (Christian Dior) (Christian Dior)
I've located some of the original 2004 "Cologne" release from the same collection not the bottles that were added in 2010...I don't know if there was a change in formula or not but Turin and Sanchez gave the original release 5 stars in Perfume The A-Z Guide. 

There will probably only be about 35-45 ml of this available to split and cost should work out to approx. $1/ml...a deal considering the new bottles start at $150 for 125 ml at Dior boutiques.

Chergui - export edition (Serge Lutens)
I only have the juice from the non-export/pre-export bottles (vintage?) and would love to get some of the "brown" juice.  Price per ml $2.20 probably less depending where I get it. (Chergui although not an HC is priced like them @ $140 retail for 50 ml bottle, or $2.80/ml).  There will be 30-35 ml of this available.

Miss Dior Cherie Edp (pre 2011 reformulation!)
Miss Dior Cherie was reformulated this year and not for the better I heard.  Even on Ebay its hard to find a bottle at a significant savings whether old version or new.  If I can get one for $75 or less, who's interested?  50-70 ml available most likely 5 and 10 ml, maybe 15 ml portions.

By Kilian Sweet Redemption (US release August 2011)
Would love to split either 1-2 of 30 ml refills (4 x .25 oz bottles) or 50 ml refill.  Price should range $2.33-$2.50 ml assuming no tax and free shipping.  If I split a 50 ml there is 10 ml available, possibly 15.  If i split the refills there will be between 1-3 refill bottles of 7.5 ml each.

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