Monday, August 1, 2011

UPDATE 08/1/11 for Serge Lutens Vitriol d’Oeillet Haute Concentration (SHIPPED)

UPDATE 08/1/11:  All closed, all payment received and the bottle arrived but I have to head out for a couple days so I've asked my post office to hold the box so I can go get it on my way out. I can't do much until I get back but at least it will be with me and I'll post a pic soon as possible :-) 

Thank you everyone for participating.

Decants in 1, 2, 4 ml will be available soon.

UPDATE 7/31/11: I think this is all set, just waiting for payment to arrive.

UPDATE 07/28/11:
  I went ahead and paid for the bottle couple days ago and I should have it early next week.  Unfortunately I have to put one of the participants shares up for claim as I have not heard from them and have no contact information.

  1. Paypal addy:   blackkitty1206 at gmail dot com
  2. Include in Subject Line/Notes (can copy/paste): "SL Vitriol D'Oiellet Split - 10 ml for [your name]"
  3. Please make sure if your address is on payment (paypal leaves it off sometimes for personal payments).
Whats Next 
Once ordered probably takes 4-6 days to reach me. I am still finalizing supplies so hopefully they will arrive within a few days after the bottle.  It can take several days to  decant/package/ship out splits but I'll try to do this one sooner because its new and I know we're all excited to try it :-)  As always, your patience/flexibility with potential delays is much appreciated.

7/22/11:  Thanks for helping me close this out before the end of the week everyone! I will post the final costs and request payment shortly! :)


  1. Sign me up for 10 please. :)

  2. I'll take 10 mls if it is still available. Let me know when to send the $$.

  3. Alice its yours! Please let me know if you're in the US or which country so I can calculate shipping accordingly.

  4. Alice I don't have an email address for you...hopefully you'll see this!

  5. Thanks for the updates. Will be back to read more. :)

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